History and Ownership

Jenn Hutzal

The current White Dove Cleaning was started in 1998 by Jenn Hutzal. The company, however, does have a much older history.

The Original White Dove

The original White Dove Cleaning was started as a family cleaning business over 25 years ago in North Bay, Ontario. It serviced many local businesses and CFB North Bay. As the family grew and the business climate changed, that business came to an end.

Restarting The Company

Then, in 2008, Jenn Hutzal, out of a need for some flexibility in work hours, decided to start a cleaning company. Having worked as a teenager, for her father, in the original White Dove Cleaning, Jenn decided to adopt the name and many of the tried and true practices of the former company. Starting out as the sole cleaner, Jenn worked as often as she could, around the schedule of her busy family, cleaning residences, offices, and car dealerships. Slowly taking on staff to work with her, and then eventually forming multiple teams of cleaners, Jenn has grown White Dove Cleaning into a successful, well-recognized local company.

Exponential Growth

Jenn's husband, Brad, has always helped with most of the back-end (technical and business) services. In 2016, he joined White Dove full-time to assist with the rapid growth of the company and the additional requirements that this brings.